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Adirondack shower curtain. Explore the rugged, unspoiled terrain of the Adirondack Mountains—without leaving your home! This set captures the primitive peaks and foothills of the Adirondacks, inhabited by majestic whitetail deer and formidable black bears.  Warm earth tones of crimson, brown and tan are accented by green shades of spruce and hemlock. (import item)  72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB1104 $72.00

Arizona Shower Curtain. Discover the wide-open wonder of the Southwest! Our Arizona bedroom set captures the thrilling beauty of a diverse region, from the Grand Canyon to the Gila River. Brilliant blue hues denote a clear, arid sky and provide a stunning contrast to the vivid, desert-sunset tones of red, orange, and yellow. A warm, Native American motif is accented with authentic turquoise stone conchos, brush and tassel fringe, and a decorative gimp. It’s time to make a statement both beautiful and bold, so look westward—to Arizona! (import item)  72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB6540 $72.00

Autumn Trails/Northern Pine Shower Curtain. Invite the rugged outdoors to your indoors and savor the splendor of autumn all year ‘round! Our new Autumn Trail bedroom set perfectly captures the many colors and textures, sights and sounds of Mother Nature’s favorite season—from earthy mountain paths and majestic wildlife to the placid paddling of a canoe’s gentle journey. With warm, chestnut tones and cool pine accents, Autumn Trails is heartwarming décor any time of the year! Caramel, pine green, and black chenille are woven through this cabin stripe design including bear and deer motifs.  Chestnut suede Euro shams with multi-colored brown brush fringe.  Shams have Autumn Trails fabric center, brown sides, with black center band and decorative buttons.  Pillow features Autumn Trails center with Chestnut suede side and mult-colore brown brush fringe.   Bed skirt is gathered Chestnut suede. (import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB4146 $72.00

Backwoods shower curtain. Grab your pack ’cause it’s time to explore the uncultivated wonder of the woods! Our Backwoods bedroom collection is both regal and rural, with playful patterns of leaves, canoes, and oars contrasting with the silent silhouettes of bear and elk. The natural and homey hues of brown and green, red and tan are warm and welcoming, and the coordinating pillows, throws, and drapes add a splash of color and class. If you’re on a quest for comfort, all trails lead to the Backwoods! (import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB6128 $72.00

Badlands Shower Curtain. Release your inhibitions and tame the wild and rugged beauty of the Badlands! This bedroom collection brings striking color and pattern to your house on the prairie. A dark grey diamond motif beautifully contrasts against a lighter background, bringing to mind sharp buttes, pinnacles, and spires on a barren plateau. Stripes of blue provide a pop of color reminiscent of a clear Dakota sky. Combined with the dark-grey bed skirt and shams, our Badlands bedroom set is awfully . . .good. (import item) 72" X72" MODEL WFC-JB6547  $72.00

Bear Country Shower Curtain. When it’s time to rendezvous with the rustic, just follow the arrows to Bear Country, where the lumbering, black bear lives in the shadows of the cool, stately pines. An earthy, brown background perfectly showcases the colors and artistry of bears and pine trees, patterns and lines. Complete the ensemble with a myriad of tasteful textures, including the Bear Fur pillow and throw. Carstens’ Bear Country set is a wonderfully warm choice for every creature of comfort!  Bed skirt is tailored, faux suede with antique brass rivet accents.  Bear Country euroshams with bullion fringe, zipper closure.  Faux suede shams, with red velvet ends, accented with rivets, and zipper closure.  Throw pillow is Bear Country center, red velvet ends, with decorative gimp and bullion fringe. (import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB4006 $72.00

Brown Mustang Shower Curtain. Heed the call of the wild, where mustangs gallop freely through the sweeping backcountry. Our Brown Mustang collection paints a vivid picture of wide-open spaces, warm hearths, and sheer grit. (import item)  72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB4177 $72.00

Canyon View shower curtain. Experience the raw and majestic power of canyon country with Carstens’ new Canyon View bedroom set! The captivating tones of red, orange, turquoise and tan boldly encapsulate the colors of earth and sky, while a pattern of clean, crisp lines suggest sheer drops, thrilling vistas, and endless horizon. Add the Feather Buffalo Pillow and other accessories to capture the rugged beauty of a dynamic region. If you’re ready to carve a new landscape in your home, set your sights on Canyon View! (import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB6113 $72.00

Cimarron Shower Curtain. Follow the wagon ruts of the old Santa Fe Trail! Our Cimarron collection is inspired by the wild and unruly west, where outlaws, Spanish settlers and homesteaders fought for survival amid the ruins of the ancient Anasazi. Deep, coffee tones offset a light, dusty tan—all accented with a vivid pop of cardinal red. The diamond and feather patterns pay tribute to the indigenous tribes of Apache, Ute, and Jicarilla. If you’re thinking to enhance your home (or hideout!), set your sights on Cimarron! (import item) 72" X 72"                     MODEL WFC-JB1703 $72.00

Flying Horse Shower Curtain. Time to saddle up and ride the trail to comfort and style! Our Flying Horse bedroom set captures the exhilarating movement of horse and rider. The polished, brown tones of the saddle, offset by vivid splashes of sunset red, combine in a cozy, natural setting unrivaled by the cowboy’s campfire. (import item)  72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB1109 $72.00

Gold Rush Shower Curtain. Eureka! You’ve discovered our Gold Rush collection with a look befitting history’s hopeful prospectors. When it comes to style, our Gold Rush set is the mother lode! (import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB1718 $72.00

Grand Teton Plaid Shower Curtain. Climb to new heights of comfort and style with our new Grand Teton Plaid collection! Bold, plaid patterns and crisp, clean lines represent the strength and serenity of lofty mountain peaks, while the feral softness of black wolf fur adds just a touch of danger. Grand Teton Plaid contrasts the soothing gray shades of craggy summits against invigorating tones of off-white and rust. Made from a soft, medium-weight 100% cotton, Grand Teton Plaid adds a tranquil touch to your lodging of choice. Plaid comforter has Chocolate welt betwen seams.  Bed skirt is tailored, Chocolate faux suede fabric.  Euroshams are plaid with Chocolate welt and zipper closure.  Shams are Chestnut suede with Chocolate welt and zipper closure.  Pillow is plaid with Chestnut suede diamonds, applique black bears, decorative gimp over seams, and brush fringe, zipper closure. (import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB4153 $72.00

Heartland Shower curtain. Welcome to the Heartland experience, a cozy respite within the rugged frontier. Past and present collide in a variety of cheerful colors and playful patterns, where the exciting, untamed wilderness meets the domestic tranquility of home sweet home. The regal whitetail buck and magnificent black bear dwell happily on shades of soothing greens and tans, accented with a fiery burst of red. A warm plaid adds an element of whimsy to this collection sure to capture your heart!  Comforter features buck and bear stripe design with red and tan chenille woven throughout fabric.  This subtle weave includes shades of faded green, olive, brown and dark plum, with soft faux shearling fabric between seams.  Gathered bedskirt, euroshams, and throw pillow in coordinating small tan plaid fabric with chocolate trim, ruffles and bullion fringe. (import item)  72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB1708 $72.00

Men’s Realtree AP Blaze Shower Curtain. Rejuvenate your landscape with our new Real Tree AP & AP Blaze Camo Bedding! A natural, craggy, camoflauge pattern is starkly offset by a beautiful and brilliant pop of hunter orange. To boldly mark your territory even further, accessorize with rugged (and woodsy!) throw pillows! When it comes to blending nature and nighttime, you’ll want to make Real Tree AP & AP Blaze Camo Bedding your new target. (import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-RT529 $72.00

Mojave shower curtain. Savor the splendor of Mother Nature’s masterpiece – the sunset! Our new Mojave Sunset bedroom collection is a vivid palette of color inspired by the brilliance of the day’s benediction. Fiery shades of orange and red are belayed by shadowy, solid browns and accented with a pleasing pop of turquoise. Complete the look with the Turquoise Feather & Diamonds Pillow, the Feather Medallion Pillow, and a Raccoon Fur Throw! With Mojave Sunset, your outdoor dreams are an indoor reality. (import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB6105$72.00

Montana Shower Curtain. Discover “Big Sky Country” with all of its diversity and grandeur! Our Montana collection is a myriad of striking colors and bold patterns that brings life to any room. Dark red and brown designs are attractively arranged against a backdrop of warm tan, stormy gray and ponderosa pine—a reflective motif worthy of terrain defined by the Rocky Mountains and rich river valleys. (import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB2095 $72.00

Moose Plaid Shower Curtain. Follow your carefree spirit northward, where large, brown moose freely roam the forests and wetlands. Our Moose Plaid collection is a wonderful dichotomy of warm colors and textures against the moose’s chilly habitat. (import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB1645 $72.00

Old West Stripe Shower curtain. Tap into your pioneer spirit with our Old West Stripe collection! Striking, wide stripes defy the lawlessness of the frontier, replacing chaos with civilized order. The bold patterns and deep colors mirror the strength and courage of early settlers. (import item)     72" X 72"      MODEL WFC-JB4185            $72.00

Pecos Trail shower curtain. Saunter down the Pecos Trail and enter the legendary Wild West, where classic comfort is WANTED and our new bedroom set is the ultimate REWARD! Carstens’ Pecos Trail set effectively captures the many cultural flavors of the Southwest – Spanish, Native American, and Cowboys are all represented in the large diamonds and small arrowheads, Western fringe and earthy tones. With coordinating drapes and other accessories, Pecos Trail is a welcome respite at the end of your dusty road. (import item) 72" X 72"  MODEL WFC-JB6120 $72.00

Red Branch Shower Curtain. Restore balance and harmony to your house or hogan with our Red Branch bedroom set! Vibrant colors of orange, turquoise, and red coral symbolize the exquisite artistry of the Native American jeweler. A repeating diamond motif is a beautifully symmetrical pattern suggestive of traditional Navajo weaving, accented with antique brass rivets, authentic turquoise beads and a turquoise and coral medallion. When it comes to Southwestern beauty, your spirit will soar with Red Branch! (import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB6530$72.00

Sagamore Lake Plaid Shower Curtain. Transport yourself to Upstate New York and luxurious lakeside resorts with Sagamore Lake Plaid. Rich, crimson hues combine in a subtle plaid print, creating an instant, tangible warmth. The soft, poly-filled comforter is backed with cozy microfiber suede and trimmed in dark, chocolatey brown to accent the bed skirt, pillows, and throw. Top the look off with coordinating window treatments, pillows and throws for an indulgent taste of relaxation and welcome for every hearth and home! Classic red plaid comforter is trimmed with faux suede fabric along seams and accented with antique brass rivets.  Bed skirt is tailored, faux suede fabric.  Euroshams have faux suede welt and zipper closure.  Shams are faux suede with top flap accented with rivets, zipper closure.  Throw pillow has red velvet center, faux suede band with rivets, red plaid sides, and frush fringe ends, zipper closure. (import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB4015 $72.00

Saguaro Desert Shower Curtain. Welcome to the Sonoran, where the mighty saguaro cacti soak up the sun. Carstens’ Saguaro Desert collection embodies the warm climate and gentle colors of the Southwest, punctuated with a Native American turquoise flair. If you’re looking to capture the subtle beauty of a proud region, try Saguaro Desert—the perfect oasis!(import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB4015 $72.00

Sierra Shower Curtain. Elevate your décor! Our Sierra collection captures the spectacular landscape of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, from the clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe to the ruddy red tones of the giant sequoias. Golden brown hues are reminiscent of the California Gold Rush, while light tan suggests the warmth of the northern Mojave sands.(import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB1114  $72.00

Takoma Shower Curtain. Ascend to a new summit of style! Our Takoma bedroom collection is a rustic nod to the mighty Mt. Rainier. Stripes of warm, volcanic burgundy, glacial off-white, and rich, forest green are a beautiful backdrop for bear, moose, and tree—all accented with a Native American pattern worthy of the Snoqualmie and Puyallup. Distressed brown suede, bamboo buttons, and patches of burgundy velvet combine to provide depth of color and texture. When it comes to your décor, aspire to something higher—Takoma! (import item)  72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB6523      $72.00

Turquoise Chamarro Shower Curtain. Walk the dusty trails of the Southwest, where native tribes sculpt, weave, and polish nature’s raw elements into exquisite art.  Our Turquoise Chamarro set takes you through the thrilling vistas of red rock country; colors are inspired by red monoliths, smooth, rusty sandstone, and the blue-green tones of the finest turquoise, all grounded in rich, brown earth. To the Diné, turquoise represents happiness, luck, and health—the right combination for your relaxation! (import item)  72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB2085 $72.00

Wyoming Shower Curtain. Catch the wagon train to Wyoming, where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains! Our Wyoming collection pays tribute to the Cowboy State. The collection is a respectful nod to the buckaroo’s saddle, and is trimmed in a contrasting, off-white faux shearling. (import item) 72" X 72" MODEL WFC-JB1124  $72.00

Shower Curtains are shippable. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Call 928-443-9233 during business hours to arrange purchase.